Rainwater Products

JWD Sectional Aluminium Rainwater Systems are tough, efficient, attractive and durable, as well as light and easy to install. They offer many advantages over ferrous and plastic systems, such as lightness, great looks, corrosion resistance and flexibility in design and manufacture. Unsurprisingly, aluminium rainwater systems are now the preferred choice for much modern architecture.

JWD is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of sectional aluminium gutter profiles, rainwater pipes and hoppers, perfect for traditional, heritage and contemporary applications. The range includes castings, extrusions and profiles, and incorporates designs which can be integrated and concealed in roof-edge systems. All products are supplied in ‘mill finish’ or treated with polyester powder coating, which is available in a wide range of colours to match or complement other architectural features. JWD’s technical staff are also on hand to offer expert help with design advice and product information.

JWD valley gutters
Valley Gutters

JWD’s bespoke, aluminium valley gutters are very durable, have a low coefficient of expansion and are of little ‘weigh-in’ value to would-be thieves.

Seamless aluminium gutters
Seamless Aluminium Gutters

JWD Seamless Aluminium Gutters incorporate BBA Approved aluminium coil and are fabricated on site to suit the precise measurements of the building.

Bespoke rainwater goods
Bespoke Rainwater Systems

This range is ideal for contemporary architectural schemes that call for a rainwater system or complete roofline solution that stands outside of the standard range of products and profiles.

Cirrus Victorian Ogee Gutter
Cirrus Victorian Ogee Cast Gutters

The Cirrus profile is based on the 19th century Victorian cast iron design and is ideal for restoration & refurbishment projects.

JWD Stratus Special
Stratus Special Moulded Ogee Cast Gutters

The Stratus Special cast aluminium profile is a system designed with traditional spigot fixings. As with the extruded Stratus range, it has a high flow capacity.

JWD Stratus Extruded Gutters
Stratus Moulded Ogee Extruded Gutters

The JWD Stratus profile is an extruded aluminium copy of one of the oldest gutter designs (Pattern 46). Its high flow capacity makes it ideal for large commercial and industrial buildings.

JWD Deep Cast Gutters
Altocumulus Deep Flow Cast Gutters

The Deep Flow Altocumulus range combines practical high flow rainwater disposal with timeless aesthetic appeal.

JWD Cumulus Cast Aluminium Gutters
Cumulus Half Round Cast Gutters

The Cumulus range is a commonly specified half round shape that is ideal for repair and refurbishment projects as well as new buildings.

Altocumulus deep half round gutter
Altocumulus Deep Flow Gutters

JWD's Deep Flow gutter system combines high capacity with aesthetic yet practical features that benefit commercial industrial & domestic applications.

Altocumulus half round gutter
Altocumulus Half Round Gutters

The Altocumulus range of beaded half round extruded aluminium gutters uses the beading along both top edges to enhance the standard Cumulus half round profile.

JWD aluminium box gutters
Nimbus Box Gutters

The Nimbus range of box gutters are made from profiled aluminium sheet. The standard range is available in five widths, and non-standard sizes can also be fabricated to customer requirements.

JWD Hopper Heads
JWD Hopper Heads

JWD supplies a wide range of rainwater hopper heads to suit different architectural styles. Our regular and most popular designs complement the JWD range of aluminium rainwater systems.

JWD vandal resistant rainwater downpipes
Isobar Vandal Resistant Pipes

JWD’s Isobar range of rainwater pipes is specially designed to resist damage and climbing. Isobar pipes are thicker than Modern and Regency and have features that make them difficult to grab.

JWD Modern Downpipes
Modern Rainwater Pipes

JWD’s Modern range of extruded aluminium rainwater pipes features a sleek design, with slim, in-line collars which are swaged on smaller sizes and welded on larger ones.

JWD Regency aluminium rainwater pipes
Regency Rainwater Pipes

JWD’s Regency range of Rainwater Pipes is designed to emulated traditional cast-iron patterns. They have cast collars, with and without ears, depending on requirements and the needs of particular fittings.