Altocumulus Deep Flow Cast Gutters

Beaded Half Round Deep Flow Cast Aluminium Gutters

The Deep Flow Altocumulus range combines practical high flow rainwater disposal with timeless aesthetic appeal. Because of its flow capacity, it is suitable for commercial and industrial application as well as domestic use.

Altocumulus Beaded Half Round Deep Flow Cast Gutters are part of JWD’s range of Sectional Aluminium Guttering Systems, which are supplied in lengths up to 3metres and clip or bolt together.

JWD is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of sectional aluminium gutters. Aluminium guttering offers many advantages over ferrous and plastic systems, such as lightness, great looks, corrosion resistance and flexibility in design and manufacture. Unsurprisingly, aluminium rainwater systems are now the preferred choice for many architectural specifiers.

Features & Benefits of Altocumulus Deep Flow Cast Gutters

  • Provides high flow rainwater disposal
  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Suitable for all types of commercial, industrial & domestic applications
  • Manufactured in the UK from high quality cast aluminium
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