Alucobond Composite Cladding

For architectural facades

First created in 1969, Alucobond® is now the market leader in composite aluminium cladding and is specified world-wide for architectural façades. Made from two outer layers of aluminium, encasing a robust plastic centre, Alucobond® has qualities that make it the go-to product for countless building façade applications.

Alucobond® is light, tough, versatile and extremely flat. It is available in a wide range of colours, including sparkling iridescents and ‘spectra’ colours that shift and change as the viewer moves. Whilst in practical terms Alucobond® is a reassuringly rigid material, it is highly flexible in terms of its usage as a creative and inspiring architectural medium. In addition to full facade cladding, Alucobond® can also be used to fabricate amazing colour-keyed soffits and fascias, as independent building features or to co-ordinate with other building components.

Equipped with dedicated, computerised machinery, JWD Architectural Aluminium is a specialist manufacturer of Alucobond® components. In addition to providing Alucobond® cladding panels and tray sections for small to medium-sized areas, we also fabricate special profiles, such as window pods, trims and balcony edgings, to complete the system.

Features & Benefits of Alucobond®

  • Light, tough, versatile and extremely flat
  • Available in a range of stunning colours for the ultimate in creativity
  • Full range of complimentary profiles, including window pods, trims and balcony edgings
  • Ideal for all types of industrial, commercial, residential & public sector buildings
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