Valley Gutters

Bespoke Manufactured Valley Gutters & Gutter Liners

Many buildings – new and old – have pitched roofs separated by valleys, where water is collected before being carried towards the roof edge for disposal. These areas can be vulnerable because they are difficult to inspect and, unlike areas drained by roof-edge gutters, leakages can go straight into the building, causing damage to ceilings and interior decor, as well as furniture and equipment.

At JWD we supply valley gutters and gutter liners, bespoke manufactured, for new developments and refurbishment projects. As a genuine UK-based manufacturer, we are able to profile and weld to the precise requirements of your building, including the most exacting of details. Some valley gutters are symmetrical, whilst others – such as those on north-light roofs – are asymmetrical. JWD’s extensive experience and practical know-how means that we are able to accommodate most such variations.

Fabricated from aluminium, JWD’s valley gutters are very durable, have a low coefficient of expansion and are of little ‘weigh-in’ value to would-be thieves. Bolted together and sealed with silicone sealant, they provide the optimum solution for roof valley rainwater drainage.

Features & Benefits of JWD’s Valley Gutters

  • Bespoke manufactured to meet individual requirements
  • Highly durable with low coefficient of expansion
  • Ideal for new developments and refurbishment projects
  • Perfect solution for roof valley rainwater drainage.
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