Aluminium Wall Cappings

Ideal Alternative to Lead Sheet & Coping Stones

Aluminium makes a good alternative to more traditional wall-capping media, such as lead sheet and coping stones. For example, concrete and stone copings are prone to water ingress at the cement line, which can result in their coming loose over time. Silicone-sealed, polyester powder coated aluminium eliminates such problems and, being lightweight and easy to install, makes a cost-effective and modern solution.

JWD Aluminium Wall Cappings or ‘Copings’ are made to measure and are available in all sizes and configurations. They can be made in a robust, heavy-duty format for industrial buildings, or with a sleeker look and discreet fixings where visual appeal is paramount. They can also be supplied in mill finish or can be polyester powder coated in any available colour. As well as linear cappings for parapet walls, we can fabricate special shapes in profiled and welded sheet aluminium. In addition, curved aluminium wall cappings can be bespoke manufactured to the precise dimensions and lines of a building.

JWD Aluminium Wall Cappings are perfect for use as a contemporary design feature on all types of buildings. They can also be colour keyed to match or contrast with other JWD Architectural Aluminium products, such as gutters, cladding, rainwater pipes and window reveals.

Features & Benefits of JWD’s Aluminium Wall Cappings

  • Heavy duty and lightweight, sleeker options
  • Complete range of bespoke fabrication possibilities
  • Ideal for use as a modern design feature
  • Can be colour-matched to other JWD products
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