Door & Window Linings

Aesthetically Pleasing, Gap-filling Solutions

Many buildings now feature polyester powder coated aluminium cladding around doors and windows, where once brick or stone may have been used.

JWD are experts at fabricating aluminium components to fill in the gaps between a building’s outer skin and the various openings through it, such as doors, windows and vents. This neat, attractive solution works well both with traditional media, such as brick and stone, and also with more modern finishes, such as glass and aluminium cladding.

Requirements of this type tend to be different on every project, JWD are able to bespoke manufacture to suit your specific needs. The finished article can also be powder coated to match or contrast with other areas of the building. Where possible, fixings can be hidden in shadow lines to create a sleek finish. Any visible fixings can then be colour keyed to blend in with the powder coat finish. Ventilation slots can also be incorporated into the design as required.

JWD can supply door and window claddings as part of an overall package, including, for example, rainwater pipes, gutters, roofline systems and wall cappings, all fabricated in aluminium and polyester powder coated. We also manufacture a wide range of canopy fascias, tongue & groove soffit planking and feature cladding for entrances and exits.

Features & Benefits of JWD’s Door & Window Linings

  • Neat, attractive building solutions
  • Blends in with both traditional and more modern finishes
  • Bespoke manufacture to suit your precise requirements
  • Fixings can be hidden and colour-coded
Need Help or Advice?

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