Perforated Aluminium Screening

Decorative or Subtle, but Highly Effective

Perforated Aluminium Screens are a flexible and attractive method of covering aspects of buildings, to limit access and for aesthetic purposes. JWD Perforated Screening can be used to cover, protect, decorate, filter, divide or obscure vision. As a genuine, UK-based, in-house manufacturer, we can cut, fold and weld screens to your precise specifications.

Bespoke manufactured, perforated screening can be fabricated to fit a variety of needs, such as covering unsightly areas of buildings or creating ‘boxes’ to fit around rooftop plant. Lift winding gear, vents, air conditioning equipment etc. can also be effectively hidden from view. Covering a range of different components in perforated screening can create cool, colourful uniformity in place of a disordered mishmash of machinery. In addition, because it is effectively an open mesh, perforated screening is especially useful where air circulation is a priority.

Perforated aluminium screening is light and adaptable. It can be provided in mill finish (uncoated, silver-grey aluminium) or polyester powder coated to your requirements. It can modify or be positively designed into a building’s architecture, working in co-ordination with other components, such as signage, rainwater products, fascias, wall cappings and more. The regular, holed-circle pattern provides a smart, contemporary, minimalist look. Other patterns are available – please call us on 0161 351 990 for details.

Features & Benefits of JWD’s Perforated Screening

  • Highly effective way to cover a range of building elements
  • Flexible, attractive, and lightweight solutions
  • UK manufacture, allowing precise tailoring to your needs
  • Can be designed to co-ordinate with other architectural components
Need Help or Advice?

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