Window Pods

Bespoke Manufactured for Each Project

JWD Window Pods (also known as ‘Window Cassettes’) provide the finishing touch to metal cladding systems and other types of architectural facade. They can be used in conjunction with rendered finishes, Rainscreen Cladding, Alocobond® and other cladding products, making a closure between windows and the outer finishing layer, and creating a defining architectural feature.

Bespoke manufactured in powder-coated aluminium, JWD Window Pods are made to fit precisely the needs of each individual project. Working closely with specifiers, we fabricate the pods entirely in-house, from initial manufacture through to pre-treatment and powder coating.

Energy efficiency is a key feature in the design of new buildings and the modernisation of existing buildings. JWD Window Pods work in conjunction with External Wall Insulation and Rainscreen products to create a complete cladding system and minimise heat loss. Where additional, external wall insulation is added to improve the ‘U’ Value of existing buildings, JWD Window Pods become the interface, bridging the now widened gap between the window frame and the external cladding or rendered finish. Pods can be made to any depth to accommodate insulation and complete a system that both maximises the heat efficiency and transforms the appearance of older buildings.

JWD Window Pods are often specified for new build projects, and can be colour-keyed to match or contrast with many kinds of Rainscreen Cladding system or rendered finish. Fixings can be hidden and edges made to interact with bracketing systems and cladding/finishing products. Our Pods have also been used on many regeneration projects, where tired-looking, energy-inefficient social housing has been brought up to contemporary specifications, transformed aesthetically and helped improve the ambience of the area.

Features & Benefits of JWD’s Window Pods

  • Bespoke manufactured in-house to precise specifications
  • Suitable for numerous types of structure
  • Offers a striking appearance to high-specification buildings
  • Available in a wide range of colours to blend in or contrast with other architectural elements
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